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Get Ready to Have Your Mind Blown

Did you know that 67% of all couples who have a baby together become unhappy in their relationship within the first three years of their baby's life?

This is shocking, right?

Dr. John Gottman and his team of researchers at The Gottman Institute have found some pretty sad statistics over the years of working with new parent couples. They discovered conflict tends to increase, happiness tends to decrease, and emotional and sexual disconnection becomes the norm for many couples after their child is born.

I have been telling people for ages that I really think "pre-baby counseling" should be a thing just like "premarital counseling".

Over many years of working with hundreds of couples, I find people have much more relationship success who are proactive rather than reactive. I offer premarital counseling as one of my services and can tell you these couples have a headstart on helping their relationship weather future storms.

In fact, one particular study proved that couples who completed some sort of marriage preparation or education had “higher levels of marital satisfaction, lower levels of destructive conflicts… [and] a 31% decrease in the odds of divorce” (Stanley, Amato, Johnson & Markman, 2006).

I don't know about you, but knowing these statistics really seals the deal for me.

Most people do routine maintenance on their vehicles to keep them operating well.

Most people brush their teeth, some floss, and many go to the dentist regularly to prevent cavities and other dental issues.

When you get your driver's license, you need to learn how to drive first and then take (and pass!) a test. You can't just hop in a car and go with no experience.

We do other preventative work in our lives to keep us from dealing with disaster later on.

So why not adopt a proactive mindset to your Partnerhood within that first three years of your baby's life? If it would give you a higher chance of success and happiness, what would you have to lose?

If you don't want to be in the 67% of unhappy couples post-baby, it's probably worth your while to do some pre-baby prep.

The Partnerhood Online Program provides an easy-to-follow roadmap that addresses five different relationship areas you'll need to adjust when kids enter the picture. It's a small one-time investment for a lifetime of value. Click the button below to learn more:

With gratitude,

Christie Sears Thompson

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The Partnerhood (

Trade Winds Therapy & Relationship Coaching (

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