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The #1 Reason You Should Forget How You Were Parented

As most of you may know, I am a relationship expert, especially when it comes to partnered parents. I help people like you create a strong foundation for the family you wish to create.

Today, I will be sharing with you the number one reason why you should forget how you were parented growing up. More importantly, I will be helping you make a solid decision of whether you want to raise your kid(s) in a healthy, securely attached family or perpetuate any unhealthy generational patterns of parenting. If you're reading this message, I'm betting you want to learn more about the first way. :-)

The thing is, not everyone will choose to create new, healthy patterns of parenting. That’s the unfortunate truth.

I know bunches of people who say they are interested in better ways to parent and want to but they never get anywhere because when they try, they may fail and give up. Some aren't willing to do the work to break unhealthy cycles because it's easier to do what they already know. But you are different. I know you are because you're soaking in these messages I write like a the sun on a hot summer day.

After working with hundreds of clients, I am sharing the main reason why you should forget how you were parented. Ready?

How you were parented does not need to dictate how you will parent.

Read that again.

Just because an adult in your life made choices about how to raise, educate, and discipline you doesn't mean you have to make these same choices. When you began a life with your partner and you decided to have a child together, you created a future that was unwritten. Every day, you get to make your own choices and walk a path that isn't yet determined. And guess what? If you decide the path you're walking isn't great, you can usually turn around!

Many newer parents resort to what they know from the examples they had growing up. For better or worse, they reenact these behaviors with their kids. Sometimes these are healthy patterns and sometimes they aren't. Maybe you had great parents and want to raise your kids similarly. Great! Maybe you had not-so-great parents and want to do pretty much everything differently. Great!

Knowing you actually have a choice in what kind of parent to be creates a freedom that most people don't believe exists.

But it does!

It's a revelation to recognize that you can take your own past experiences, your personality, and your values to become the type of parent you want to be. It may take a little extra work if you didn't have the best role models growing up, or endured childhood trauma, but it is definitely possible.

If you want to be the type of parent who doesn't yell, you can work towards that.

If you want to be the type of parent who shows affection, you can work towards that.

If you want to be the type of parent who is emotionally connected and involved in your child's life, you can work towards that.

Anything you envision is possible. Don't let your past dictate your future.

If this resonates with you and you'd like to learn how to work towards becoming the parent you imagine, I'm here to walk this journey with you. Joining The Partnerhood community by signing up for the online program could be one of the best things you ever did not only for your relationship with your partner, but for your kids as their parent.

You'll learn much more effective ways to communicate and manage conflict as well as how to nurture emotional connections, take care of your relationships, strategize better self-care practices, and so much more.

I am confident that if you use what you learn, you'll see a lot of improvement in your family. That's why I offer at 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you apply the concepts and find they don't work for you within 30 days, you are welcome to contact me and I'll refund you. No questions asked.

You have so much potential and so much to gain. I can't wait to see you there!

With gratitude,

Christie Sears Thompson

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The Partnerhood (

Trade Winds Therapy & Relationship Coaching (

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