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Happy Memorial Day and Updates

First, I hope you take some time today to remember our service men and women who have given their lives. I am forever grateful to live in a country that is loved and cared for by members of our military.

Second, I want to give you a quick update about changes that are taking place in The Partnerhood Online Program. Starting tomorrow, June 1, 2021, I am implementing some changes in the online program structure.

One of my main goals when I created this program was to make sure it was easily accessible to expectant and new parent couples. After evaluating what has and hasn’t worked since its launch, I’ve decided to update how the program is delivered. I am simplifying what I offer to make it less confusing and more inclusive.

The Online Program now includes:

  • 5-week online course (accessible for one full year after you start it)

  • PDF Workbook to accompany the course

  • Self-Care Planner

  • Relationship-Care Planner

I am offering all of this for a one-time purchase of $197.

Another change I have made is the option to add on group coaching. I originally had this combined into the full program, but decided to separate it as an additional cost if couples would like a little more support. Group coaching takes place virtually once a month on the first Saturday each month at 1pm (MST). These sessions will be recorded and sent to any group coaching participants if they miss it or would like to revisit our discussion.

Group coaching is available as an add-on service for $47/mo. There is no contract and this benefit can be cancelled at any time.

Lastly, I am also offering private coaching that gives a couple focused attention and privacy to discuss issues with me that feel too sensitive for group coaching. This service is extremely limited and I will only take on private coaching for up to three couples at a time.

Here is a graphic that (hopefully) makes it all clear:

I’m excited about making these changes and ready for making a difference in the lives of expectant and new parent couples to help give them a strong foundation as their families grow.

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to know more about these changes.

With gratitude,

Christie Sears Thompson

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The Partnerhood (

Trade Winds Therapy & Relationship Coaching (

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